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Cycling Jeans and Jeans for Everything

Can you ride in jeans?? In HANDUP Jeans, you can do anything.

Can you Cycle in Jeans?
Yes! Cycling in jeans is easy and all it takes is a stretchy, durable pair of denim jeans to do the trick.
Of all the experiences, nothing would be more fun than being a kid again but, sometimes, as an adult you get glimpses of opportunity to do exactly that. When we were little, riding bikes around the neighborhood required a few things. Of course, a bike is a big need.  We always preferred bikes with coaster brakes to ensure maximum driveway skid marks. We wish we could say a helmet was number 2 but, a backwards hat normally did the trick… or so we thought. And of course jeans and a T-shirt.
That’s right! None of us needed layers and layers of lycra or carbon parts to enjoy a cruise around the neighborhood. All we needed was the freedom that two wheels offered and a trusty pair of jeans.
That’s why we made HANDUP Super Stretch Jeans. As adults, we can all admit that we still need at least a few modern amenities. We can’t move like we used to and we certainly don’t need a rigid 100% cotton pair of jeans to restrict us even further.
We added some elastane to the denim weave to provide an unrestricted feel for all of you cycling adventures. Riding bikes in Jeans Has Never been easier!
How Should Cycling Jeans Fit?
Cycling jeans should fit somewhat tighter, across the board. Don’t worry, skinny or slim jeans aren’t a must-have but a tailored fit is ideal. Cycling in straight cut jeans, regular cut jeans, loose cut or even boot cut runs the risk of getting the bottom of your pants leg caught in the bike chain. Our tailored fit jeans are not too tight but ensure the jeans are not so loose that they cause issues while you ride.
Of course overall, you want to be sure they are stretchy. The HANDUP Super Stretch Jeans certainly fit the bill in the “stretch department”

Can I bike commute in Jeans?
Yes, you can bike commute to work or the store in denim jeans. However, it’s worth noting that jeans are not the most breathable material and can cause excess sweat if the temperature is already warm. Moderate climates offer the perfect scenario for riding in jeans and the intensity of your ride will determine the level of sweaty jeans you must endure.
Choosing a dark wash or a black pair of jeans reduces the amount sweat shows. It won’t save you from sweaty jeans after a long summer commute but it will hide your sweat and save you from some embarrassment.

Can I ride Mountain Bikes in Jeans?
Mountain biking in jeans is completely acceptable. In recent years, two professional cyclists have competed at an elite level in stretch denim. Now, it is more common to see jeans on a trail than ever before. Normally, you see jeans in the for of “jorts” aka jean shorts but, it’s more common to see jeans in the winter months, on the trail. Jeans provide a layer of leg warmth without the need (or look) of lycra or spandex tights. This means that once the ride is complete, you can meet your friends at a bar or run to the grocery store without looking like you just worked out. Jeans are also more durable when it comes to wrecks, in relativity to thin mountain bike specific pants.
What else Can I do in my HANDUP Super stretch Jeans?
Although HANDUP is historically a cycling company, we’ve continued to develop products that can be worn off the bike. These jeans are a shining example of a product that has a multitude of uses.
For example, one of our marketing staff has spent 2 years in a black pair of HANDUP jean prototypes. Here is a list of things he’s done in them:
  • Mountain Biked in them over 150 miles.
  • Commuted in them
  • Performed live in them 6 times with his local band
  • Worked 3 bike festival booths
  • Dressed them up for 2 valentines dinners
The list is never ending. These jeans, predominately made for cycling, can be worn for anything and everything your average day demands. The only think you can’t do (probably) is climb mount everest in them.
Should I wear a chamois under my jeans while riding?
As bike saddles have been more properly fitted to the human bottom, a need for a chamois has lessened. Your natural sit bones should carry the bulk of your weight as you ride a bike as long as the saddle you are using is the correct width.
If your saddle is the correct width, it should require less help from additional padding.
With this in mind, you should be able to ride, fairly regularly, in jeans without the need to wear padded shorts or padded bib shorts underneath. The exception here is for very long rides. However, it’s more likely that a long bike ride would call for a padded sort or padded bib by itself, versus a pair of jeans.
Overall, if you are properly fitted to your bike, you should be able ro ride in jeans without the need of a pad.
Overall thoughts on Jeans for Cycling:
If you desire a casual look on your bike rides, Super Stretch jeans are the answer. They work perfectly on easy - moderate rides and ensure your post-ride venture to the pub is normal looking.
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