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Pabst Racing


From the checkered flag straight to the barstool, the Pabst Blue Ribbon Racing socks are the perfect blend of race and party. You'll be lookin' fast turning over the pedals, and lookin' cool sippin' an ice cold PBR with them danglin' from a tailgate as well. 

Handup Footdown Socks are a foot cover like no other. Their minimalist, bold designs were built for long days in the great outdoors and even long nights out on the town. No matter what you do, we invite you to try a set, take a step and feel comfort between your toes!

Tech Socks Features

- Made in the USA
- Nylon/Spandex Blend
- Goes on Feet
- Reinforced Heel and Toe
- 6 Inch Cuff

Size: SM / MD
Size: SM / MD

Style Point Increase

Breathable Fabric

Moisture Wicking


A foot cover like no other.

Additional Details

Bottom Wash Instructions
  • Machine Washing on Cold (No Bleach)
  • Air Dry for 24 Hours if Possible
  • If Garment is Needed Before 24 Hours, Tumble Dry on Delicate and/or Low Heat
Tech Sock Features & Materials

- Made in the USA

- 90% Nylon 10% Spandex Blend

- Goes on Feet

- Reinforced Heel and Toe

- Non-Compression

- Fits in shoes

- Athletic cut arch support

- 6 Inch Cuff

Why We Made Footdown Socks

Socks are something so simple that can get way too technical. After wearing overpriced and over-engineered socks, we realized that a sock like this was all we needed. Pair that with some of our cool designs and being able to get matchy-matchy with some gloves and you get some HANDUP FOOTDOWN socks.

Also "footdown" is a bike game where competitors are in a circle creeping along side one another trying to stay upright and not put a foot down, while trying to throw competitors balance off so they put a foot down. If your foot touches the ground you are out of the game. We felt FOOTDOWN was fitting for our socks given our name is HANDUP.. See what we did there ;-)

Crash Replacement

Hey, we’ve all crashed and torn up our gear. If a crash caused the issue, we have a crash replacement program. Just send us an email on our Returns and Exchanges page and we'll get you taken care of.


All HANDUP products come with a warranty that carries up to 1-year from the original purchase dates for defects not caused by regular wear and tear.