Vented Lite

Pabst Bo-Can-ical


Like a botanical bouquet of flowers we're excited to bring you this boCANical pattern of PBR's! See what we did there 😉 . It might not smell as good as a bouquet of flowers, and it won't quench your thirst like an ice cold PBR, but these are cool, breathable and will garner you many double takes and high fives on the trail.

Vented Lite Features

- Lightest Full Finger Glove on the Market
- FullTouch Touch Screen Technology
- Silicone Palm Graphics
- Huge Towel Thumb Sweat Cloth

Low stock

Breathable Fabric

Touch Screen Compatible

4-Way Stretch

Premium Beverage Grip

Nose Wipe


The MOST VENTILATED glove on the market. Period.

Additional Details

Glove Wash Instructions
  • To Maintain Color, Turn Gloves Inside Out and Machine Wash on Cold
  • Machine Wash on Warm for Deeper Clean but Colors May Fade
  • Lay Out Palm Material Facing Up to Air Dry for 24 Hours
  • Do Not Dry in a Dryer
Hot Days Glove Features & Materials
  • Lightest Glove on the Market, keeping you "cool" in more ways than one.
  • Air Lite Mesh Top is HIGHLY Durable - many knuckles met many trees during testing with no resulting tears to the gloves
  • Single layer FULLTOUCH microfiber palm for maximum bike feel and no extra material bunching up
  • FULLTOUCH technology woven throughout entire palm, so no more trying to touch your phone "just right" to get that trailside picture
  • Stretch cuff to easily pull gloves on and off without fumbling for a Velcro strap
  • MAX Laser cut ventilation holes throughout entire palm for breathe-ability - so many we lost count
  • Silicone printed graphics on the palms for extra grip so you'll never drop that frosty beverage or muddy handlebars
  • HUGE towel sweat cloth on the thumb for wiping away your dirt-stache or foamy upper lip
Why We Made the Hot Days Glove

The minimalist, bold, Original Most Days glove has gotten riders through almost all of the seasons but sometimes, when temperatures hit triple digits, it’s time for a new approach.

We took our original design and “airified” it. A thin, yet durable, mesh top lines the top of the hand and the area between the fingers. From a distance you see a wilde design but close up, you can actually see your skin through the super light top. This is, by far, the lightest and most ventilated glove on the market.

We made this glove to beat the brutal summer heat because other “summer gloves” simply weren’t enough to get the job done.

FullTouch Touch Screen Technology

Our touchscreen capability is woven throughout our entire FullTouch™ palm material. It works so seamlessly with every finger that you won't even remember you're wearing gloves. Seriously, you've never felt anything like it.

Crash Replacement

Hey, we’ve all crashed and torn up our gear. If a crash caused the issue, we have a crash replacement program. Just send us an email on our Returns and Exchanges page and we'll get you taken care of.


All HANDUP products come with a warranty that carries up to 1-year from the original purchase dates for defects not caused by regular wear and tear.