Air Freshener

Dirt Surfin' | Shuttle Me


Now you can take in the aroma of HANDUP in your vehicle with scents of Ocean and Cool Breeze. Just pick up a couple of these and hang them from your vehicle rearview mirror and it feels like high school all over again. 

Air Freshener Features

- hides the stink of your dirty gear
- smells like the Ocean or a Cool Breeze
- Hangs from mirrors
- About 2.75 Inches tall/wide

Scent: Dirt Surfin' - Ocean
Scent: Dirt Surfin' - Ocean

Style Point Increase

Additional Details

Crash Replacement

Hey, we’ve all crashed and torn up our gear. If a crash caused the issue, we have a crash replacement program. Just send us an email on our Returns and Exchanges page and we'll get you taken care of.


All HANDUP products come with a warranty that carries up to 1-year from the original purchase dates for defects not caused by regular wear and tear.