STORIES - Meet the Team Series | Bryant


Last but NOT least, is our beloved Customer Support guy, Bryant. Day in and day out, he takes care of the Dirty Work so we can focus on things like, accurately measuring cocktail pours or filming silly stuff for the Monday Mashup!

Bike you ride?

A Frankenstein's monster of 90s Raleigh road bike I bought for $100 in Mobile, AL in 2008.

Favorite Beer?

I've been really cranking on Hutton & Smith's Tectonic IPA lately.

Favorite Cocktail?

Gin and tonic. Splash of lime.

Guilty Pleasure Movie?


Guilty Pleasure Food?

Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole. You can take the boy out of Mississippi, but you can't take the Mississippi casserole out of the boy.

Favorite Non-bike hobby?

Climbing. 100% climbing.

Favorite Festival?

It's not a bike festival, but the Mississippi North Country Hills Picnic is an amazing weirdo blues festival. 

Favorite Karaoke Song?

I've had "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira stuck in my head for about two years. 

Favorite Show?

I just finished Tiger King. So. That's all I'm thinking about. 

One Embarrassing Story?

I have long, luscious, highly unkempt hair. I'm talking like 2 inches of split ends at any given time. Normally this isn't a big deal. Normally, I let it go for about 4 months and then get the 'ol kitchen scissors out and lob off about two inches.

But I'm normally not getting married. Let's set the stage. It's 2016. It's May in New Orleans. It's 4 am, and I'm sitting on the front porch still drinking beer with the boys. I know my wedding is now in 13 hours, and I know I'm supposed to get a hair cut in the morning (probably at the super cuts down the street). I am 100% sure I can be hungover and still get a haircut. 

Anyway, the pictures from our wedding look like my wife married a swamp creature. Every time anyone in the family looks at them, they love to force a big 'ol embarrassment pill down my throat. Get a hair cut. But only when it counts.